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The rush of taking an idea or service into a new market is amazing isn’t it! But a great idea is nothing without a little toe dip into the waters to see if it can handle the temperature. But do you know who is really going to buy? How are your potential customers gaining more access to the internet? Would Argentina or Indonesia be best suited to sell your product? How many other companies have tried this same idea but failed in your chosen new market? Culturally could your new service be a faux pas?

Wouldn’t it be easier to get insights from an actual expert in your choice destination? It takes a savvy business owner to rely on local knowledge to give you the facts rather than play the guessing game.

Meet Your Niche helps companies leap-frog their understanding of a new or emerging market by connecting you to insights, ideas and people.

We connect companies to insider information to help them meet their competitors, culture, niche or trends. We work with trusted partners in key markets to translate data and local insights into actionable market entry strategies. We then highlight and matchmake potential partnerships to push your ideas or innovations further.

Meet Your Niche saves companies time, money and resources to get off the ground quickly in a new or emerging market. Put your focus back to innovating your product or service knowing that what you create will hit the right ‘sweet spot’.


Key Regions

We only work across 4 key regions specifically to bring you the connections and knowledge that matters most.



Regions currently covered - Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana


Regions currently covered - Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai


Regions currently covered - Indonesia, Japan, Singapore


Regions currently covered - Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina


Sectors we love to cater for are; social development and infrastructure, all things tech & mobile, health, education, arts and media, finance and consumer products.

The Connections

Meet Your Niche has a network of vetted partners to help meet your goals and objectives in the following areas:

Business and Country Intel – Analysts providing insight into macroeconomic trends, business environment and government policy 

Ideation and Concept development – Innovators to help brainstorm ideas right for a particular region

Market and Brand Positioning & Strategy – Strategists to develop and create an innovative, creative & compelling roadmap for your business product or service

Cultural Awareness – Consultants to get you up to speed on cultural communication, regional nuances and dialects

Consumer and Trend Insight – Experts to help wih focus groups to understand customers better and identify emerging trends affecting them

Door-Opening – Introducing you to the right people to take your business to the next level

So let’s get cracking, simply choose your package and then complete the form.

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The Packages

Self Service

Look through our marketplace to find key regional partners and you make the connections.

Coming Soon



Need help looking for insights, ideas and partners in new markets. Let us connect you.

Email Us



We work with you to clarify your market entry strategy and introduce potential partnerships.

    Email Us












    Self Service – Coming Soon

    Already have an idea and just want partners in your key regions of choice to collaborate with. Explore our marketplace for opportunities and make the connections on your own.


    Are you keen to expand into a new or emerging market but have no product or service to offer as yet? Need help to kickstart this? We can help to connect you to new market ideas, emerging research and insights on trends to tap into and/or potential partners looking for collaborative support.


    Send a brief

    Complete the contact form below and give us a detailed brief of your requirements.


    The net is then spread far and wide to refine a list of potential ideas, insights or people.


    We connect you to what we find to inspire you to create or invent something new.


    We can then help you innovate and develop a product or service.


    If this is for you, please fill out the contact form below or email info [at] meetyourniche [dot] com with your requirements and we can arrange a 30min consultation.


    Do you have an existing product or service that you want to sell into a new or emerging market but want the right market entry strategy for success? We can help ensure your product or service will be a perfect fit by researching your key region of choice. We can then help matchmake and open doors to get your product or service off the ground!


    Send a brief

    Complete the contact form below and give us a detailed brief of your requirements.


    We curate research insights on your potential new region from our partners.


    We submit our analysis and translations on the best solutions to move you forward.


    If you want partners in your region of choice, we can springboard the connection.


    We will develop, steer and nurture your product or service innovation and complex matchmaking for a seamless process. If this is for you, please fill out the contact form below or email info [at] meetyourniche [dot] com with your requirements and we can arrange a 30min consultation.


    Meet Your Niche

    Posted in Niche

    Project description

    Whatever they may be

    - Young mum, aged 37, husband and wife working team, well travelled, food conscious, kids are homeschooled, money savvy

    or perhaps

    - The rocking baby boomer, male, 69,  new media fiend, loves to try new travel destinations once a year

    Whatever the demographic, we can help you identify the *right* buyers for your products and services. We will let you know where they hang out, what they live for, if they are a viable group and why they are the right pairing for your business to build a serious relationship with.

    Meet Your Trends

    Posted in Trends

    Project description

    So what is a trend? These are the intangible forces that shape the way people buy, how they live and what makes them act the way they do. How do these forces affect the customers in your business? How can you mould your business or idea to work with key growing trends so that you are ahead of the curve?

    Example might be:

    - Sheconomics -  the female force to be reckoned with. How is the rise of the female breadwinner affecting how you market your goods?

    - ‘Going back to school’ -  the ‘democratisation’ of education online, we are all learning,  evolving new skills and seeking new ways of working and being quite easily in the information age. How is this sharp new learner thinking about your service?


    Meet Your Competitors

    Posted in Competitors

    Project description

    Do you know the major companies standing in the way of your success?

    Where are they spending the most money?

    Are their profits growing or shrinking?

    What are some recent blog posts or press covering your competitors?

    Question overload eh….do you have the answers though? If not, why not! Knowledge is power and in-order to know who you will be doing battle with, it’s best if you know your competitor now before it’s too late




    Hi I’m Samantha! I’m the Chief matchmaker, connector, introducer…call me what you like but I’ve always found introducing ideas, insights and new clients to friends & colleagues super easy and natural. Then I took this on a larger scale working with research agencies and well known companies globally (Procter & Gamble, LVMH, GSK, M&S, Phillips and Unilever to name a few). I’m also a massive people person and enjoy building great relationships! I’ve met some fabulous insight consultants, culture specialists and business owners across diverse regions who led me to create Meet Your Niche.

    Meet Your Niche, is a matchmaking and consultancy platform that ‘connects’ companies to ideas, insights and people in new or emerging markets.

    By connecting with trusted local consultants and companies in your selected region, you can meet your Competitor, Culture, Niche or Trends with ease and confidence. The aim is to provide your business with the insider information and partnerships to lighten the load and prevent you from making costly mistakes and misjudgements.

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